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I’m Sure many of you have heard many Politicians talk about the “Contract With America“, but I BET none of you have ever Read it, or heard a Politician talk much about what it’s all about.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, is what Govern’s America. That IS The CONTRACT they speak of. And upon close inspection of the FRA (Federal Reserve Act of 1913) I find that in that Contract with America, the President (Woodrow Wilson) Congress, and the Senate, have ALL Sold out America, and all do the bidding of the Elite Banksters of the FED.

The FRA is also the Empowering Contract that has allowed our President and every other President before him, to Write Executive Orders to BY-PASS Congress and Senate. But you know they are just sitting on their hands because they have the Power to stop Obama’s EO’s by a simple Majority Vote, Congress can VETO his EO’s within 30 days from Signing.

And for those of you who say I’m CRAZY, try reading the FRA for yourself. But First, read UCC_Connection by Howard Freeman. That explains pretty well all I have been saying.

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